Manufacturer of PVC Wires & Cables, Auto Electrical Parts,Automotive Wiring,Wiring Assemblies, Hook up Wires, Battery Cables, Wiring Harness, Terminals & Lugs, Couplers & Molded Parts, Plastic Connectors, Progressive & Loose Sheet Metal Components, Insulation Material, Break / Door / Rocker Switches, Power Cords for Appliances / Computer / Electronics, Cable Ties, Mounts & Accessories
We are manufacturer of PVC cables in india,exporter auto electrical parts delhi,wiring assemblies,hook up wiresautomotive wiring,wiring harness,battery cables,coupler and molded parts
Couplers,cable accessories,insulation material,terminals and lugs,plastic connectorsProgressive and loose sheet metal components,plastic componentsBattery cables of 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers,break switches,door switches
Rocker switches,power cords for appliances,computer,electronics,cable ties,cable mounts
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Wiring Harness
Battery Cables
Terminals and Lugs
Plastic Components , Coupler
and Molded Parts
Progressive and Loose
Sheet metal Components
Insulation Material
Power Cords for Appliances,
Computers, Electronics etc
Cable Ties, Cable Mounts &
Accessories etc
Shrinkable Sleeves

We "Oasis Connectivity Pvt Ltd." proudly introduce ourselves as the renowned manufacturer and exporter of Power cords, Wire Harness for automotive, white goods, PVC Wires and Cables, DMD wires, Fiberglass & Silicon Sleeves. We cover a wide range of wires from 0.2 mm2 to 50 mm2, various terminals in chain & loose form, Cluster Black Assembly for Hermatic Compressors, lead wire assemblies and Power Cords as principle products.

In addition to this we cater to various plastic molded components and sheet metal parts as required by the customers. We have the most modern manufacturing facility and strict quality checks in order to meet the global standards. Our products are widely applicable to the automobile industry, domestic appliances, utility industry, electronic and computer industry.

We are a leading manufacturer & exporter in India of PVC Wires and Cables, Automotive Wiring, Auto Electrical Parts, Wiring Assemblies, Hook up Wires, Wiring Harness, Battery Cables, Battery Cables of 2 Wheelers and 4 Wheelers, Terminals and Lugs, Plastic Components, Coupler and Molded Parts, Plastic Connectors, Couplers, Progressive and Loose Sheet Metal Components, Wires , Cables Insulation Material, Switches / Break Switches / Door Switches / Rocker Switches, Power Cords, Power Cords for appliances, Power Cords for Computer, Power Cords for Electronics, Cable Ties, Cable Mounts, Cable Accessories etc.
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